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Map of the Internet -- The IPv4 Space, 2006

This xkcd comic was the first time we saw someone use a Hilbert curve to represent IP address space, and was the inspiration for our own maps. It has a nice explanation of how the Hilbert curve works.

Hacker's Delight

This book, published by Addison-Wesley Professional, devotes an entire chapter to the Hilbert curve.

LANDER IPv4 Census

The LANDER project at ISI uses this technique to make maps of their ping-based IPv4 census data.

Characterizing Address Use Structure and Stability of Origin Advertisement in Inter-domain Routing

This 2005 tech report from Pennsylvania State University also uses a Hilbert curve (which they call a ``quad chart'') to draw pictures of BGP data.

IPMaps - BGP/Darknet Data Visualization With Google Maps

This web page puts BGP and darknet data inside the Google maps interface.

Stanislaw Skowronek has a program called xmap which can be found at the bottom of his NSA@home page.

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